Red Dirt Workwear

Back to Work! Things are Heating Up

Iron ore rich rock on display in Kings Park Perth Australia

Things are heating up and it’s time for Red Dirt Workwear to get back to work. We have to admit we really love our work. So our founder, Pauline Sanders, has been back out in the bush. From her recent work, we know we need to get back into production and sales. How? When? [ Read more ]

Affordable Cooling Work Shirts have Arrived

Red Dirt Workwear close up of hi-vis yellow shirt

The Red Dirt Cooling Work Shirt has arrived in Australia. Red Dirt International’s patented innovation (Australian patent 2010101331) is built the cooling into the shirt, reducing the risk of loose ties getting caught in machinery. The inexpensive, disposable cooling insert draws heat away from the carotid artery in the neck. The shirt works better as sweat or humidity conducts heat well. [ Read more ]

Do you really lose your mind in hot, humid conditions?

Drilling exploration in the Simpson Dessert in the Northern Territory

Bush-experience suggests that we lose our mind because of the hot, humid weather. Red Dirt Workwear is looking to help coordinate participants at several Western Australian workplaces. Our goal is to help the researchers gather accurate, quality information for multiple university, and private studies.

[ Read more ]

How does body heat effect safety?


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