Do you really lose your mind in hot, humid conditions?

Drilling exploration in the Simpson Dessert in the Northern Territory

Bush-experience suggests that we lose our mind because of the hot, humid weather. Red Dirt Workwear is looking to help coordinate participants at several Western Australian workplaces. Our goal is to help the researchers gather accurate, quality information for multiple university, and private studies.

Pauline Sanders, Director of Red Dirt Workwear has experienced the “four-seasons in one day” while out in the remote bush. She understands that people working at remote sites may start in cold weather — then, experience all sorts of extreme weather throughout the day – pelting rain, searing heat, or high winds. Red Dirt has been reviewing many studies that show the negative effects of heat exposure on hydration, mood, and even spatial awareness. We have read research on human physiology, especially on the extreme effects of heat on fire fighters, military personnel, and astronauts show the cardiovascular, and nervous system changes.

Yet, many of these reports conclude that the human body is resilient.

The studies often show that people acclimate, and adapt to heat stress. New studies have moved onwards from measuring the effects of heat in labs, or on elite athletes — to the larger number of people working in trades. The variation of fitness, and lifestyle is greater among people working in construction, mining, oil and gas, and industrial careers. The locations, and durations of work are longer. And, there are just plain more people doing physical work at these project sites.

How can you help define the effects of heat on real people working in hot locations?

Want to add your ideas, or have a question? Contact Pauline at Red Dirt at +61 8 6102-7719. Or, if you work in a hot location, and want to join in the survey, email Shauna in Customer Service [ ].

Red Dirt Workwear is looking to coordinate participants at several Western Australian workplaces. Our goal is to provide accurate, quality information for multiple university and private studies. Among the studies we’d like to organise people for is a Charles Darwin University (Northern Territory) project by Dr. Elspeth Oppermann. Red Dirt would also like to organise a short, quick Perth-metro study as part of a local alliance with F-Tech Workwear (North Perth, WA.)

Do you really feel lethargic, or work less when you are hot? Don’t worry it’s anonymous, and we are seeking the guidance of Edith Cowan University and Curtin University researchers to guide our efforts.

Want to read more on the research projects, and products?

Research to focus on heat stress impacts on NT workers


[ ]

“ … Dr Oppermann will work with Dr Matt Brearley, from the NCCTRC, to build on their state-of-the-art heat stress studies that monitor individual core-temperatures in real-time and link these to the physical workloads and environmental conditions. …”

F-Tech Wicking, Cooling Fabric

[ ]

” …. The smart yarn structure design makes it breathable and light, that not only absorbs but transfers sweat from the body to the outside of the fabric making it ideal for the hot Australian climate. …”

F-Tech Workwear Australia wicking technology for work shirts, work pants, and overalls

Red Dirt Workwear is a research and development company focused on reducing the effects of heat stress on people working in hot environments. Our services include:

  • Providing heat stress education to industry
  • Designing affordable cooling industrial garments
  • Testing and recommending cooling devices
  • Supplying a suite of cooling products to remote sites

Contact us for more information.


2 thoughts on “Do you really lose your mind in hot, humid conditions?

  1. What’s in it for you?

    Participating in research gives real people working in trades a voice in what makes their work better, and helps improve their safety.

    By taking the research into the field, we get a more diverse, and realistic set of conditions than lab research. It’s hard to hide on site from the many factors that contribute to, or distract us from heat stress, including noise, vibration, dust, and exhaust.

    We support private, and public research because it helps manufacturers, and suppliers refine the products they offer to employers. Sharing research and resources can shorten the time it takes to get effective heat management solutions into hot workplaces.

    You are invited to call us to connect with the data, and people we are working with.

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