Affordable Hi-Vis Cooling Work Shirt Launches in Perth

Red Dirt Workwear close up of hi-vis yellow shirt

Red Dirt International has launched the Red Dirt Cooling Work Shirt to the first customers in Perth.

Red Dirt International has launched the Red Dirt Cooling Work Shirt to the first customers in Perth.The Red Dirt work shirt meets the demands of the mining, construction, and oil and gas industries:

  1. Affordable (less expensive that major brands)
  2. Innovative, inexpensive, disposable cooling insert (works better in humid, or sweaty conditions)
  3. Light-weight, 100% cotton, breathable fabric
  4. Vibrant, durable high-visibility colour
  5. Exceptional manufacturing (stitching and seams)
Red Dirt International Hi-Vis Cooling Work Shirt Tag - front Red Dirt International affordable hi-vis cooling work shirt

The innovative cooling inserts ship dry, and are lightweight. Soak the inserts in fresh water, and chill or freeze overnight. Pack 2 to 3 of the chilled, disposable, replaceable inserts in an insulated container. (The inserts are made of food-grade materials and can safely be used to keep a meal cool before use in the shirt.) Slide the inserts in to the zipper pouch on the back of the neck when conditions get hot.  (Australian patent 2010101331)

We recommend 2 inserts a day, during the hottest parts of the day. Humidity and sweat improve the ability for the chilled insert to conduct heat out of the neck and carotid arteries. The cooling inserts improve comfort during strenuous work.

When the Temperature Rises, Risks Rise Too

Hot environments, and exertion cause the body’s core temperature to rise. If the outdoor temperature is cooler than the body, body heat slowly dissipates through the natural processes including exhaling, sweating, and blood flow changes. When the outside temp is hotter, or more humid than the body, the body’s natural cooling becomes less effective. A person’s core body temperature can be (too) hot, even when a person’s skin feels cooler than the air.

The body’s natural reaction to heat, sweating, tends to make workers even more uncomfortable, less attentive, and less productive. By adding the conductive-cooling to specific areas of the body, a person feels more comfortable, and focused. The advantage is that conductive cooling works, even in humid, or sweaty conditions. A focused person is safer, and less likely to be caught out by a workplace risk.

You’ve Read This Far – Want to Know How Much It Costs?

We are offering the first 1000 shirts of the lot at a promotional retail price of $66 per shirt (price includes GST) — to the customers who helped us refine the design. Shirts come complete with a set of disposable cooling inserts. And, our founding customers can give referrals for the promo price, volume pricing options, manufacturing discounts, and our custom order incentive-offer.

The Red Dirt cooling work shirt design, and colours meet AS / NZS 4602.1:2011, Complies with Australian Standards, garments for high-risk applications, day or night. The Red Dirt cooling work shirt is not a medical device, and will not prevent heat related illnesses. People working in hot environments must still adhere to OH&S policies for working in hot conditions. The Red Dirt cooling work shirt enhances the comfort of people who also get proper hydration, and appropriate breaks based on the safety guidelines for their environment and type of work.

Download a PDF of the brochure.

Stay cool. Stay focused.


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