4 Hot Destinations

thermometer hot humid sky shutterstock

The heart of Red Dirt International’s research and development comes from taking divergent ideas, and applying the novel outputs to new uses. What are the hottest destinations? Space, or the desert? Maybe Australian Parliament? Or our own body?

Hot Destination #1 Space

Space X protects cheese from heatA shout-out to SpaceX, and their ventures into hot destination #1 – space, a place where the human body has no natural protection from hot conditions. Red Dirt looks forward to the spin-off technologies that can be used to address heat stress on Earth.

How can we use heat protective environments, and autonomous technologies in our harsh terrestrial environments?

Hot Destination #2 The Desert

Virgin Australia maximising Fly-In-Fly-Out charter flights Australian Business ReviewSending holiday cheer to the Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) workers who are taking to the air to keep the remote work sites running this holiday. Happy Holidays to Virgin Australia for bringing price-competition, and lower operating margins to industry.

How can our industries utilise “that time in the air” to the benefit of the people flying to “the office in the outback”?

Hot Destination #3 The Human Body

Jawbone blog - exercise and hot weatherMerry Christmas to innovative technology like Jawbone wearable biometric devices. Jawbone devices can measure physical activity, and how well a person sleeps. “Baby it’s getting  cold outside” — but the inside is still hot. A person’s skin can be cool, but the core body can remain too hot to be healthy.

Does the new year hold technologies that will help us analyse how exertion, and sleep are affected heat stress?

Hot Destination #4 Parliament

Clive Palmer wins political vote in QueenslandSending a “Stay Cool. Stay Focused.” New Year’s greeting to Clive Palmer, and the seasoned industry veterans who are trying their hand at building legislation, and political strategies. National and State Parliaments are one of the hottest environments in Australia! There’s a lot of hot political opinions about Australia’s mining, and petroleum-gas markets.

What heat can we on political issues — to improve the quality of mining, construction, and oil and gas opportunities in Australia?





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