Back to work! Things are heating up

Things are heating up and it’s time for Red Dirt Workwear to get back to work. We have to admit we really love research and our founder, Pauline Sanders, has been back out in the bush. From her recent work, we know we need to get back into production and sales. So, what is next?


Temperature anomalies arranged by country 1900 - 2016.

Temperature anomalies arranged by country 1900 – 2016. Visualisation based on GISTEMP data shared by Antti Lipponen.

Measure All You Want

There are some great journalists and researchers who are explaining the measurements we are seeing. In July of this year (2017), we realised that we can measure all we want, but we need to get back to producing affordable cooling solutions.

In 2014, our Red Dirt Workwear apparel brand did market acceptance testing and a soft launch of our Red Dirt Cooling Work Shirt. Whilst the testers loved the shirt for its cooling comfort, quality, and price, the market dropped out from under us.

Our primary market was PPE in the mining industry in Australia. The global market for ore and resources busted. So did the speculative orders we had from buyers. All this happened whilst we were setting up our manufacturing and distribution partners. The experienced partners we short listed were hobbled by the economic slump, and our potential customers were downsizing their workforce.

Red Dirt Workwear brochure back
  Red Dirt cooling work shirt back cover

Hot Conditions Impacting More than Trades

Pauline has continued her work right along side the remaining geologists, drillers, and miners in hot work environments during the resources recession. Our company continued innovating on simple solutions to the changes in weather are impacting more than people working in trades.

Red Dirt International Pty Ltd revisited why we started up. The light went on, we need to, “Stay cool. Stay focused.” We’re starting discussions with a new financial and business professional to pivot several of our affordable cooling solutions. We’re focusing on stepping-out products to in phases to groups of people in hot climates outside of the resources sector. Could you be next?

– Shauna McGee Kinney
Customer Service and Sales
+61 8 9467-2663  |
Red Dirt Workwear Brand
Part of Red Dirt International Pty Ltd (Australia)


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